About Us

Company Overview

Sustainability & Resilience Think LLP is a Kenya-based partnership providing expert services and working on sustainability and socio-ecological resilience issues in the areas of ecology, climate and energy. As an organization, S&R Think brings sound knowledge, proven expertise and practical experience to the management and consulting of Kenyan, Horn of Africa and international engagements. We are dedicated to providing research, analysis and solutions to cross-sectorial challenges while working with and for actors across government, development agencies, civil society and private sector.
The partnership brings together a pool of partners and associates with specialist expertise and long-term experience in the key areas of focus with the aim of leveraging on technical capacities across various thematic areas. Our main sectors of focus include key sectors like agriculture, pastoralism, water, natural resources, renewable energy and conservation.

Consultancy 95%
Partnerships 98%

Our Vision

A world in which we all partner towards socio-ecological resilience and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To provide cutting-edge professional expertise in creating new insights, strategies and collaborations that will drive transformational resilience and sustainable development in Africa.
What Drives Us

Our Objectives

• To provide premium consulting services to our clients across our areas of speciality.
• To partner and collaborate with like-minded parties in project and programme development across our thematic areas of focus.
• To provide an effective platform for sharing of knowledge, learning and building of capacity of sustainability and resilience in the Horn of Africa, continentally and globally.

What Guides Us

Our Core Values

S&R Think partners and associates believe that we can achieve resilience of our social, ecological and livelihood systems and drive sustainable development by working together. By committing to collaborative actions, mutual support and transformative thinking we can achieve shared objectives and reach common goals. The following values bind us together:

  • Trust and mutual understanding
  • Mutual accountability and transparency
  • Equity and respect for diverse identities, needs and perspectives
  • Commitment to quality and professionalism
  • Commitment to inclusive collaboration and equitable participation

Engagements between our partners, associates, collaborators and clients are guided by these shared values.

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