Enabling resilience for sustainable communities

Climate and Disaster Resilience

  • Socio-ecological Resilience: Socio-ecological resilience focuses on enhancing the capacity of communities and ecosystems to withstand and recover from climate change impacts and natural disasters. It involves fostering community engagement, promoting sustainable livelihoods, and implementing ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation and resilience-building.

  • Climate Risk Management: Climate risk management involves identifying, assessing, and managing risks associated with climate change. This includes conducting vulnerability assessments, developing risk reduction strategies, implementing early warning systems, and enhancing adaptive capacities to minimize the negative impacts of climate-related hazards.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Disaster risk reduction aims to reduce vulnerabilities and build resilience against natural disasters. It encompasses activities such as hazard mapping, community preparedness training, infrastructure reinforcement, and post-disaster recovery planning. It also involves collaborating with stakeholders to develop effective disaster response plans and systems.

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